Renergie H.P.N. 300-peptide Cream 50ml

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Enter the cutting-edge realm of Lancôme's high-performance anti-aging, driven by regenerative skin science. In a groundbreaking breakthrough, Lancôme combines hyaluronic acid, a repertoire of over 300 peptides, and the potency of Niacinamide in a single cream. In an unprecedented study, women aged 40-59 who used this cream exhibited accelerated skin regeneration, matching the speed of younger women's skin. Welcome to a new era of age-defying skincare.

Usage Instructions:
Begin your skincare routine on clean skin with Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Serum to address multiple skin concerns layer by layer, including wrinkles, volume loss, and dark spots. Apply an amount equivalent to 2 pumps and gently smooth it evenly using upward motions. Follow up with RÉNERGIE H.P.N. 300-Peptide cream to seal in the benefits of the previous steps and accelerate skin regeneration, giving you a youthful complexion.