Unisex Mini Variety with Dylan Turquoise & Bright Crystal 5 x 5ml

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1 x Versace Pour Femme Dylan Turquoise EDT 5ml, 1 x Versace Bright Crystal EDT 5ml, 1 x Versace Man Eau Fraiche EDT 5ml, 1 x Versace Pour Homme EDT 5ml, 1 x Versace Eros EDT 5ml

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Turquoise EDT 5ml: 
Dylan Turquoise is a fresh fragrance that harmonizes the vibrant, zesty notes of mandarin and primofiore lemon with subtle woody and musky undertones, all accented by tropical fruity hints. This scent pays homage to the sensuality of the Versace woman, reminiscent of blissful summer days. Housed in an amphora-shaped bottle inspired by Greek mythology and adorned with Medusa emblems, it is a true embodiment of elegance and allure.

Top Notes: Mandarin Essence, Lemon Primofiore Essence, Pink Pepper
Heart Notes: Blackcurrant, Buds Absolute, Jasmine Petals, Freesia, Guava
Base Notes: Clearwood®, Vibrant Woods, Musk

Versace Bright Crystal EDT 5ml:
A sensual and feminine fragrance that embodies the essence of the confident and alluring Versace woman. It unveils luscious yet subtle notes that captivate the senses.

Top Notes: Yuzu, Iced Accord, Pomegranate
Heart Notes: Peony, Magnolia, Lotus Flower
Base Notes: Acajou, Vegetal Amber, Musk

Versace Man Eau Fraiche EDT 5ml:
Quoting Donatella Versace, "Versace Man embodies sophistication and allure, designed for the contemporary man exuding charisma and self-assuredness." This fragrance is a delightful surprise, featuring invigorating top notes, and a base of amber and musk that unveils a mysterious, profound sensation that resonates with one's very being.

Top Notes: White Lemon, Rose Wood, Carambola
Heart Notes: Tarragon, Cedar Leaves, Clary Sage
Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Sycamore Wood

Versace Pour Homme EDT 5ml: 
Diamante Citrus, Bitter Orange leaves, and Neroli flowers infuse the fragrance with Mediterranean nuances, illuminating it. The core of Versace Pour Homme is defined by the mineral-floral scent, almost palpable, of Clary Sage and Blue Hyacinth. Amber and Musk provide a profound and sensual foundation, embodying the quintessence of pure masculinity.

Top Notes: Neroli, Bitter Orange Leaves, Citron of Diamante, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Geranium, Blue Hyacinth, Clary Sage, Cedarwood
Base Notes: Oud, Mineral Amber, Musk, Tonka

Versace Eros EDT Men 5ml:
Exuding masculinity and confidence, Eros Eau de Toilette weaves a sensual tapestry of woody, oriental, and fresh notes to craft a potent fragrance that invokes Eros, the god of love. Donatella Versace envisions an audacious, passionate man, almost akin to a Greek deity. This fragrance is a composition of notes that eloquently convey sensuality and strength, epitomizing an extraordinary force.

Top Notes: Italian Lemon & Mandarin, Mint Oil, Candied Apple
Heart Notes: Geranium Flower, Clary Sage Essence, Ambermax
Base Notes: Cedarwood Atlas & Virginia, Vetiver Orpur Essence, Patchouli Coeur Orpour Essence, Sandalwood, Vanilla