Mummy Care Kit 1

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Gift Set include 1 full size of SANOSAN Mama Nipple Salve 30ml, Mama Anti Stretch Mark Oil 100ml, and Mama Anti Stretch.

sanosan mama Nipple Salve 30ml consists of 100% pure, natural lanolin and was developed especially to soothe sensitive, sore nipples. Perfect during pregnancy and breastfeeding! The salve contains no colourants or fragrances.

Mama Anti Stretch Mark Oil 100ml - This composition of high-quality natural oils is ideal for massages and keeps the skin supple during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. It contains essential omega-3 (linolenic acid), omega-6 (linoleic acid) and omega-9 fatty acids (oleic acid). Omega fatty acids are essential; the body cannot produce them itself. The oils preserve moisture in the skin, are easily absorbed and soften the skin.

Mama Anti Stretch 75ml - With the formulation of SynMatTM, sanosan Stretch Mark Fader has been shown to reduce the average depth of stretch marks by 72% after 2 months’ use*. The stretch marks fade (color -21%), become smoother (roughness -21%) and their width decreases (-26%). SynMatTM is a combination of a Phaseolus lunatus extract (lima bean extract), rutin (to counteract activated immune system cells) and two peptides (to promote the repair of the damaged extracellular matrix).
*Average after 56 days of application on 13 women