Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion Fresh with Sakura Ferment 200ml

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The Micro Essence Fresh with Sakura Ferment combines Postbiotic 12+ and a 98.9% Bio-Active Lactobacillus Ferment to optimize the skin's inherent strength and resilience. It bolsters the skin's first line of defense against external aggressors, locks in moisture, and reduces the appearance of irritation and redness. Your skin will be both hydrated and smoother, with minimized pores and a radiant complexion. The Micro Essence with Sakura, featuring a fresh, weightless formula, nourishes the skin with essential nutrients, leaving it softer and more balanced. This specially crafted product from Japan enhances your skin's inner radiance, promoting a vibrant, youthful appearance with a bright, fresh, and balanced complexion.

Usage Instructions:
Following your cleansing routine, use your hands or a cotton pad to apply this product in the morning and evening. Then, proceed with your serum and moisturizer for a complete skincare regimen.