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Men Aquapower 72H Concentrated Glacial Hydrator 50ml

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Biotherm Homme presents Aquapower 72h, a groundbreaking glacial skincare innovation that retains moisture for an impressive 72 hours. This exceptional hydrator goes beyond standard hydration, guarding against skin dryness for up to 72 hours after use. Aquapower 72h not only adds moisture to the skin's surface but also seals it in, providing protection against dehydration and external elements like pollution, heat, and humidity that contribute to dryness. Its ultralight, aquatic texture ensures consistent and refreshing hydration.

Usage Instructions:
Apply daily in the morning and/or evening on freshly cleansed skin and after shaving. Dispense one dosage into your palm, then use both hands to gently spread it over your face in outward motions, beginning from the center and moving towards the edges. Complete the application by extending it to the neck area.