Mama Anti Stretch Mark Oil 100ml

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An outstanding product designed for post-pregnancy care, Sanosan Stretch Mark Fader utilizes the power of SynMatTM. Clinical studies have demonstrated its remarkable efficacy, reducing the average depth of stretch marks by an impressive 72% after two months of consistent use*. Not only do the stretch marks fade in color (-21%), but they also become smoother (roughness -21%) and narrower (-26%).

SynMatTM is a groundbreaking blend featuring a phaseolus lunatus extract (lima bean extract), rutin (to counteract activated immune system cells), and two peptides (to support the repair of the damaged extracellular matrix). This formulation is the key to post-pregnancy skin rejuvenation.

Usage Instructions:
Apply the active fluid to the affected areas of your skin every morning and night, using gentle circular motions during the massage.