La Religieuse EDP

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"La Religieuse" remains untouched, exuding purity, virginity, and unspoiled elegance akin to freshly fallen snow. Its pristine whiteness is so flawless that it sometimes triggers an urge within us to disrupt this perfection. It's a fragrance that is both mystical and profoundly human.

The words of Serge Lutens echo the sentiment, "Deliver us from Good! Jasmine petals are as white as snow. Black is my religion." This perfume line, created by Serge Lutens in his own image, embodies a minimalist, angular, and uncompromising design. Each bottle, with its refined and sober style, mirrors the exacting nature and character of its creator. This simplicity serves to enhance the opulence and richness of the fragrances, whose scents and hues are as diverse and nuanced as precious gemstones and human personalities.