Women Miniature Set 5ml*4

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1 x Chloe EDP 5ml + 1 x Chloe EDT 5ml + 2 x Chloe Nomade EDP 5ml

Chloe EDP:
The Maison's distinctive fragrance captures the essence of femininity through the timeless rose, resulting in a contemporary and enduring perfume with an intimate and sensual allure. This Eau de Parfum is simultaneously refreshing and romantic, exuding confidence and individuality. Its intricate complexity mirrors the multifaceted Chloé spirit. Encased in a modern bottle with delicate pleats and a hand-tied ribbon, the fragrance embodies a blend of modernity and elegance.

Top Notes: Peony
Heart Notes: Rose Petals, Magnolia
Base Notes: Cedar, Ambergris

Chloe EDT:
The Maison's Eau de Toilette rendition of its iconic fragrance presents a light and gentle character, emanating a powdery white rose arrangement with a captivating touch of magnolia's richness. This intricate floral blend unveils an exceptional fusion of youthful vibrancy and timeless femininity. Nestled within a contemporary bottle featuring delicate pleats and a hand-tied ribbon, this enduring fragrance is destined to enchant all Chloé enthusiasts.

Top Notes: Bergamot
Heart Notes: White Rose, Magnolia
Base Notes: Cedar, Musk

Chloe Nomade EDP:
Embrace an adventurous feminine essence that draws strength from far horizons and inspiring connections: Chloé Nomade Eau de Parfum, a woody fragrance with lively floral tones. The profound, earthy oak moss finds harmony in the lush sweetness of Mirabelle plum and a radiant floral luminosity carried by freesia. The bottle's soft, rounded contours exude gentleness, juxtaposed with bold, metallic elements for a striking contrast. A refined collar and a dainty suspended pink ribbon infuse the elegant design with a blend of confidence and femininity.

Top Notes: Mirabelle Plum
Heart Notes: Freesia
Base Notes: Oak Moss