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Your Guide To Buying Perfumes Online

Understanding Fragrance Strength


You probably have already heard of the terms Parfum, Eau De Parfum (EDP), Eau De Toilette (EDT) and Eau De Cologne (EDC), but what do they really mean? These are the terms that denote fragrance strength and how long they’re likely to last once you’ve sprayed them on. 

Fragrances are basically a mixture of perfume oil and alcohol – the greater the concentration of perfume oil, the stronger the fragrance and the longer it will last.

Parfum, or perfume, is the strongest type of fragrance we carry. With the highest perfume oil concentration (20-40%), you can expect it to last on your skin for six to eight hours. 

Eau De Parfum (EDP) contains the next highest fragrance concentration. With 15-20% oil concentration, expect your fragrance to work for four to five hours. 

Eau De Toilette (EDT) has a fragrance concentration of 5-15%. It normally lasts for two to three hours.

Eau De Cologne (EDC), or cologne, has a much lower fragrance concentration of 2-4% and has a high alcohol content. It usually lasts for up to two hours.


Understanding Fragrance Notes


You might have noticed that fragrances are described using top, middle and base notes. Much like the musical notes that make up a song, most perfumes are composed of three distinct notes:

The top notes of a fragrance, also known as the head or opening notes, is what you smell immediately after spraying your fragrance. They’re also the first to disappear but will form the first impression of the fragrance. 

The middle notes, also known as heart notes, appear once the top notes have disappeared. They’re considered to be the main body of the fragrance and the most notable part. 

The base notes are the final fragrance notes that appear towards the end of the middle notes. They form the foundation on which the entire perfume is built and provide the last impression of the scent. 

You’re now all ready for perfume shopping! If you have questions or need recommendations, please contact us. 

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