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Serums and creams are essential skincare products — they protect and nourish your skin’s moisture barrier in order to help you achieve a radiant and younger-looking appearance. At Novela, we offer trusted luxury skincare products, such as Helena Rubinstein’s skincare collection, for amazing skin results. Get the best HR skincare solutions from Novela today.


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Helena Rubinstein Powercell Skinmunity Serum is a perfecting serum that contains a concentrated formula of stem cells derived from two power plants. It is designed to protect the skin from environmental stressors, remove imperfections, restore brightness, and fight signs of ageing. To sum things up, the Helena Rubinstein Powercell Skinmunity serum has got everything you need to achieve beautiful and healthy skin. Reveal your true beauty by ordering this HR serum online from our store.


When And How To Apply HR Serum & Cream?


Not sure where to start? Follow this basic step-by-step guide to maximise their benefits:


Step 1: Cleanse


Begin by using a gentle cleanser on your face to wash away impurities like dirt, makeup, and excess oil. 


Step 2: Toning


After washing your face, dab toner on a cotton pad and wipe it across your face and neck to refresh skin and ensure no impurities are left.


Step 3: Apply Serum


Now that your skin is clean and fresh, apply a thin layer of serum. The HR serum is great for those that want to keep youthful and glowing skin. After applying, wait one minute for your skin to fully absorb the active ingredients before moving on to the next step. 


Step 4: Apply Eye Cream 


Place a pea-sized amount of HR eye cream on your fingers and gently massage it onto the skin beneath your eyes to brighten dark circles and eliminate eye wrinkles.


Step 5: Apply Face Cream


Apply face cream smoothly all over your face and neck. We recommend using the HR Powercell Skinmunity Cream to optimise outer skin defence or the HR Re-Plasty Age Recovery Day & Night Cream to repair damaged skin and combat ageing scars.


Order Helena Rubinstein skincare products from Novela to have all you need for an enhanced skincare regimen. Boost your skin's health with us today!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We’d love to help out.

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