Buy The Best Hair Care Products In Singapore

Beautiful and healthy hair begins with the right hair care products. Here at Novela, we provide our customers across Singapore with a wide range of luxury hair care products, from shampoos to conditioners to masks and more. Sourced from leading hair care brands, our collection will ensure you can find the highest quality hair products for the best results.


Hair Care Products Based On Your Hair Type


Dry Hair


Dry hair often has a dull, frizzy appearance and brittle texture that is prone to split ends and hair breakage. Get rid of dry hair with hair moisturising products like the Sachajuan Colour Protect Shampoo to treat dry, damaged hair caused by harsh colouring chemicals. Or, get the Pola Form Conditioner, for a hydrated and shiny appearance. Browse for more moisturising hair care products in our catalogue. 


Oily Hair


Oily hair often leads to hair loss and dandruff, which can lower self-esteem. Get rid of that greasy feel on your hair and scalp by applying the Aveda Invati Adv Exfol Shampoo Light to help regulate sebum excretion and thoroughly cleanse the scalp. The Sendo Purifying Scalp Lotion is also worth considering.


Curly Hair


Maintain your curls with the best treatments you can find on Novela. Choose hair care products that specifically target curly hair, such as the Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream. Alternatively, check out Sachajuan’s Curl Collection. All are designed to add more volume and shine to those natural curls. 


Hair Growth


Hoping to boost your hair growth? The Grow Gorgeous Daily Density Serum is a concentrated hair growth serum that can help amp up your hair volume and restore your confidence. If you’re experiencing thinning or increased hair fall, the Nuggela & Sule F11 Hair Growth Accelerator Treatment might be the right hair care products to add into your daily routine. With ingredients such as Pure Marine Glycogen, Andean Maca Extract and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, this bundle includes both a shampoo and hair regenerator treatment to reduce hair loss and restore your confidence. 


Order Hair Care Products Online In Singapore 


Looking for hair care products online in Singapore? Look no further! As a multi-brand beauty store, Novela provides customers a range of luxury hair care products online at the best prices. Make shopping for hair care products easier by ordering them online from Novela. 


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