Innovative Skincare: Dr. Jart+ Face Masks

Dr. Jart+ (which stands for “Doctor Joins Art”) takes some of the best skincare ingredients and innovations and combines them with artful and fun experiences to formulate high-performance skincare products that instantly bring results. From dry skin to uneven skin tone, Dr. Jart+ masks, serums, and creams can help address your common skincare concerns within minutes.


On Demand Skincare


Want a quick fix to your common skin concerns? Sheet masks are a great addition to your skincare routine, as they help address specified skincare needs fast. Using powerful ingredients that are still gentle on the skin, these sheet masks help ensure the skin absorbs the formulation to maximise its benefits.


Dr. Jart+ face masks can help address dehydrated skin in thirty minutes! Our world-famous face masks are formulated as targeted treatments that are highly effective in providing solutions to dry skin, uneven skin tone, and more. Dr. Jart+ masks can soothe and protect sensitive skin, sensitise and calm inflamed skin, and lock in moisture to give dry skin a plumper look. You can now achieve calm and rejuvenated skin in no time. With every use of each Dr. Jart+ mask, you’ll both feel and look good! 


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Dr. Jart+ is not your ordinary skincare brand. Each mask is formulated using the most innovative ingredients that help target common skin concerns, while a cheeky and youthful design aesthetic allow you to have fun experiencing skincare like never before.


Looking forward to trying out our Dr. Jart+ face masks? Head over to Novela and enjoy free local shipping with a minimum purchase of SGD100. Can’t find what you’re looking for online? No worries! Send us a message or visit one of our stores to personally view the different luxury brands we carry. From Dr. Jart+ to BIOEFFECT EGF, Filorga, PDC and JM Solutions, we’ve got all the luxury beauty and skincare brands you need to get the results you’re looking for.

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