Guide to Choosing the Right Perfume or Cologne for You

Guide to Choosing the Right Perfume or Cologne for You

Shopping for perfumes and colognes can be a tricky task. In line with COVID-19 precaution measures in Singapore, most brick and mortar stores have stopped stocking testers. Being unable to get a gauge of whether a scent is suited for you, most of us would rather just shop for perfumes online instead.

Fret not, as in this guide, we’ll walk you through the complexities of selecting the perfect perfume or cologne. Given the huge variety and options available on the market, here are some basics that you must know before making any hasty decisions.

Know the Different Types of Perfumes

To start off, there are five main kinds of perfumes that differ in terms of fragrance concentration. Termed in French, it is understandable if these names seem daunting to the uninformed. However, understanding the various types and grades of perfume will definitely help you make sense of what you see in-store and online.

1. Parfum

Costing a premium with a fragrance concentration of 20% to 30%, parfum is by far the purest fragrance type. Sometimes known as extrait de parfum, the benefits of parfum come in the form of longevity and subtlety. It contains significantly less alcohol than other fragrance types. As such, it does not dry out the skin and blends well with the body’s natural oils — a huge boon considering that a single spritz lasts anywhere from six to eight hours.

2. Eau de Parfum

Next on the list is Eau de Parfum (EDP) which holds a fragrance concentration of 15% to 20%. Lasting for four to five hours, it is the more economical cousin of pure perfume. EDP is highly suitable for everyday wear and is considered the best entry point for a person looking for their trademark scent.

3. Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette (EDT) is more commonly worn in the day and has a fragrance concentration of 5% to 15%. Cheaper than EDP, this perfume type is the industry default for most bottle scents. However, EDT does evaporate off the skin quickly due to the high alcohol content, lasting only up to two hours. 

4. Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne (EDC) has the lowest concentration of fragrance amongst all perfume types, weighing in at a concentration of 2% to 4%. With the majority of its body composed of alcohol,  EDC is usually packaged in a bigger bottle with more volume. Of all the aforementioned variants, EDC is remarkably accessible and budget-friendly.

5. Eau Fraiche

A misnomer in some ways, Eau Fraiche (EF) is a perfume type in the way that it only has a fragrance concentration of 1% to 3%. The base of EF is not alcohol, but in fact, mostly water. This factor makes it a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin that tend to dry out quickly.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Perfume

Opt for notes that suit your personality

To pick your ideal perfume, consider your own personality and the notes you want to hit. Floral notes are more commonly associated with being feminine, whereas woody notes are perceived as masculine. That’s not to say that fruity, fresh notes aren’t suited for men — there are cologne variants that play off marine and citrus notes as well.

Consider the occasion

Depending on the type of occasion, the perfume you decide to wear might speak volumes about you. A heavy woody note for a casual Sunday afternoon brunch might be a bit too much, whereas a soft floral tone might not go well with a black-tie event.

Consider your budget

There’s no need to break the bank for premium perfume, as long as you identify the scent and tones you want. Lower-concentration and generally more wallet-friendly options such as EDP and EDT still hold their effect through the day and pack as much of a punch as pure perfume.

The right perfume and cologne do wonders for establishing a good first impression. Our sense of smell shares the strongest connection to our memories, and a signature scent never goes out of style. Check out our top picks for the best his and hers fragrances. Wondering where to buy perfume and cologne in Singapore? Shop online now at Novela and find the right perfume for you today.


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