8 Makeup Bag Essentials You Simply Can't Go Without

8 Makeup Bag Essentials You Simply Can't Go Without

Whether you're trying to pack a makeup pouch for travelling or just looking to clear out your makeup stash, there are some makeup essentials that one simply cannot do without. These are the absolute basics, the key items that can create gorgeous looks every time and make touching up a breeze while you’re on the go. Here are our top recommended items for a well-kitted makeup bag

Makeup & Beauty Must-Haves 

1. Foundation

Firstly, the base: Foundation gives you the appearance of fresh, radiant and even skintone. If you're looking for something light and sheer, try a BB cream. These  are versatile and buildable for when you want full coverage. Alternatively, a foundation will save you the trouble of having to carefully build layers — giving you your desired look in just a single swipe!

We recommend the Gucci Fluide De Beauté Fini Naturel - Natural Finish Fluid Foundation. This medium coverage foundation offers the best of both worlds, and works for both natural and full-coverage looks. 

2. Concealer

Concealer is another versatile must-have! Perfect for brightening dark circles and hiding blemishes and imperfections, this product can also be used as a contour. A hydrating concealer is key, as it's typically applied to the thin skin around the eyes or on top of blemishes — both of which benefit from that extra moisture. 

Try the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, which provides buildable coverage, a luminous finish, and natural, botanical hydration. 

3. Lipstick

A daily or statement lipstick can really round out your makeup repertoire. Lipstick adds a pop of colour to your face, brightening your look. Playing with colours can produce any number of different looks, be it sweet, natural or sensuous. Having your daily lipstick in your makeup bag allows for quick, discreet touch-ups that will have you looking your best all day long. 

The Mac Lustre Lipstick gives you sheer-to-medium buildable coverage, and its lightweight formula is easy to glide on for a lustrous finish. 

4. Sunscreen

While it's not exactly makeup, sunscreen is the holy grail of beauty products. A minimum of SPF 50 is vital in Singapore’s climate, regardless of season, how much time you spend outdoors, and skin colour. Current formulas are so light, you'll forget you're even wearing sunscreen at all! 

Anessa Whitening UV Suncreen Gel is moisturising and light, protecting you and your skin while feeling fresh. 

5. Facial Mist

A trusty facial mist in your daily makeup pouch will help keep your skin hydrated and cool throughout the hot Singapore afternoons. This handy product can also ease your touch-ups throughout the day and prevent your makeup from looking cakey, but it is also just a lovely product to help you feel uplifted and fresh. 

This Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray comes in a set of three 50ml travel-sized bottles, which are compact and can fit snugly into most makeup pouches. They provide you with excellent toning, refreshing and hydrating power on the go!

Essential Tools & Accessories 

1. Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler is a simple tool that can help you change up your look in a jiffy. Curling your eyelashes will lift your lashes, making your eyes look wider and helping you look more awake! The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler has an original rounded silicone pad, which helps catch all your lashes and give them the lift that they deserve.

2. Compact Hairbrush

A portable hairbrush can be a life-saver in our humid and unpredictable weather. Hair is one of the biggest ways we beautify ourselves and make ourselves look presentable, and having a hairbrush on hand will help you maintain whatever look you're going for. Check out the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler for a tool that will help you smooth, shine and define your hair throughout the day. 

3. Compressed Towels

Whether it's for removing makeup smudges or just to refresh yourself in the middle of a long day, compressed towels are a makeup pouch essential! All it takes is a small amount of water, and you have yourself a moist toilette for your face or hands. Future you will be grateful for such forward thinking, so check out the Amortals Compressed Towels for a refreshing, soft experience. 

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