Shiseido Revital Neck Zone Essence

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This serum is part of Shiseido’s REVITAL line, whose highly effective and concentrated new treatments simultaneously resolve sagging, wrinkles and discolouration from dullness and dark spots.

Medicated beauty essence that leads the neckline to a smooth, straight, young skin impression. The moisture permeates quickly, and skin which is susceptible to damage such as skin is plumped and fine-grained. Moisturizing ingredients formulation · NS Vitalizer (Acaiakuekisu · Glycerin)
- The moisture quickly penetrated to the skin gives a soft and soft feeling of pliability without stickiness on the skin surface.
- As the moisture seal adjusts the texture, it keeps the smoothness as it was slippery.
- It prevents skin damage (such as skin) which is received by ultraviolet rays and drying etc everyday.
- By continuing to use, we will eliminate the rough feeling and lead it to the skin that has been slippery. Allergy tested (Not all people suffer from allergies.)