Pola White Shot Innerlock Tab Ixs N 180Pc

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Cultivate radiance from within with newly-formulated White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS N, a popular skin brightening beauty supplement.

POLA’s latest research discovered that myonectin, a substance released from our muscles—plays an important role in maintaining clear, radiant skin, hence we adopted a World’s First whole-body approach to achieve radiant beauty.

This beauty supplement contains new POLA’s original ingredient Myo MG Extract extracted from a savoury herb called "Mango Ginger", Tulsi Extract, an extract of the herb called Holy Basil (Tulsi) and Devil's Claw Extract, from the herb Devil's Claw which has a history of being used since ancient times to alleviate inflammation.

White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS N unleashes radiance from the entire body, supporting a brand new clarity.