La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift

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Skin Caviar Eye Lift is the first eye-opening serum for the entire eye area, including brows it is La Prairie gentle yet effective answer to eye lifting and firming concerns. The combination of two formulas one encapsulated in La Prairie iconic caviar beads, the other in an innovative gel-cream emulsion is enriched with Caviar Premier. La Prairie breakthrough caviar science augments natural Caviar Extract with Caviar Mimetics. Caviar Premier is the powerful result of this formidable innovation. With Caviar Premier, caviar whole potential is harnessed for the first time, pushing the boundaries of performance. Remastered with this new form of caviar, Skin Caviar Eye Lift provides unmatched visible results. Combined with La Prairie Exclusive Cellular Complex, which uses cutting-edge biotechnological research to give new life and energy back to the very cells where beauty is born, it offers a phenomenal formula for legendary lifting and firming. Apply morning and evening. Slowly press the pump once to release a small amount onto fingertip and follow the application pattern below on each eye. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, dot along the eyelid crease to outer corner. With a continuous dabbing gesture, move along the brow bone from outer to inner corner. Dab along the brow itself, from above the nose to outer eyebrow tip. Continue the dotting gesture along the upper brow line, back to the centre. From the inner eye corner, dab along under-eye to the outer corner, finishing at the temple. Repeat the entire pattern with a gentle press-and-roll gesture until the product is fully absorbed.