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Genoptics Spot Ess 50ML Duo Set

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2 x Genoptics Spot Essence 50ml

Unveil the clarity of your skin and achieve a bright, even complexion with this potent spot serum. Infused with spot-resisting elements such as PITERA™, Niacinamide, Sea Kelp Extract, and Japanese Plum Extract, the serum swiftly absorbs to pinpoint and assist in managing the emergence of visible age spots and dark spots induced by UVA and UVB exposure.

Usage Instructions:

Dispense a dropper-full of serum into the palm of your hand. Distribute evenly across your face by dotting the forehead, both cheeks, and chin. For areas of particular concern, add a few extra drops, then gently massage into the skin, beginning at the center and spreading outward. Incorporate this facial serum into your skincare routine following the cleansing, toning, and treatment steps, and precede the application of moisturizer.