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Expert Sun Protector 150ml

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European/American Version

Our latest breakthrough builds upon Shiseido's WetForce Technology by introducing HeatForce Technology. When combined, they give birth to SynchroShield, an imperceptible, featherlight protective shield that gains strength when exposed to heat and water. This silky SPF 50+ sunscreen offers optimal protection, applying transparently and absorbing swiftly, leaving no unwanted residue behind. Suitable for use on both the face and body.

Usage Instructions:
Thoroughly shake the product and generously apply it to your face, neck, and body at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours, or after 80 minutes of swimming, sweating, engaging in sports, and immediately following towel drying.

For comprehensive broad-spectrum protection, ensure you use a substantial amount of sunscreen, equivalent to about one ounce (which is roughly the amount that fits in a shot glass), to cover your entire body. Using less than the recommended amount may significantly reduce the level of sun protection provided.