Getting the Perfect Foundation Makeup For Your Skin Tone

Getting the Perfect Foundation Makeup For Your Skin Tone

Foundation is a must-have in every makeup bag, yet is one of the tricker makeup products to figure out. It can take some trial and error to find The One for you — especially since it needs to be based on your skin tone, type and needs. Ideally, a good foundation is one that not only makes you look your best, but also feels good on your skin.

Here are some tips and things to consider when looking for the perfect foundation for your skin tone! 

Identify Your Skin Tone & Undertone

Skin tone and undertone are two completely different things — this distinction is extremely important! Skin tone ranges from fair to dark, and may change depending on how much sun you're getting. The undertone, the shade below that, never changes. These are: warm (peachy and yellow), cool (reddish or blue), and neutral (a mix of both). Ensuring that your foundation matches your undertone will help you avoid looking ashy. Here are some simple tests to figure out what your undertone is!

  1. Check the colour of your veins: Your wrists are a convenient option, but check the veins around your face and neck for a more accurate sense. Blue veins indicate that you have cool undertones, and green or olive veins means you're warm. Neutral tones might present a mix of both. 
  2. The sun test: If you burn easily, that's a cool undertone, but if you tan instead, you might be warm-toned. 

Understand the Different Foundation Types 

Apart from colour matching, there is also the matter of formulas. This depends on the kind of coverage you want and your skin's needs. Let’s look at some of the many types of foundation makeup out there, and what needs each type fulfils. 

  • Liquid foundation: A makeup staple, the liquid formula makes it easy to get the right colour, and you can mix them to match your skin tone. Long-lasting and easy to blend, these can also provide moisture to your skin. Whether you like light or full coverage, dewy or matte finishes, the wide range of liquid foundation has something for you.
  • Cream foundation: These give you more coverage and are great for covering blemishes or discolouration. It can give you a silky finish and is suitable for dry or mature skin. Remember to blend it out with a damp beauty blender!
  • Stick foundation: Perfect for people who want something portable, but with full coverage! To apply, just dot it on and blend. This can also work as a concealer for certain spots if you're feeling like a lighter look.
  • BB cream: The best of both worlds. They help even your skin tone without the heaviness of many cream foundations, and some even contain sunscreen!
  • Powder foundation: For a barely-there look, try powder foundations. Easy to apply and lightweight, it also soaks up excess oil. Powdered formulas are also usually mineral-based, so they are ideal for sensitive skin.

What Coverage Level Do You Need? 

There are three types of coverage — light, medium and full. Light coverage aims just to even out your skin tone. Sheer formulas are breathable and will not make you feel "clogged up", making them great for those who do not like the feel of layers of makeup on their skin. 

Medium and full coverage foundations give you an even canvas to work your makeup magic on. Perfect for working with fun colours or for a photoshoot, these are versatile and buildable as well. You can layer it on for more coverage, and mix it with moisturiser for a sheerer finish. 

Dewy vs Matte

Lastly, the finishes: Dewy and Matte. Which to choose depends on the look you're going for. K-beauty favours the glowing, dewy look, while the Hollywood staple is matte, but these lines are more fluid now. You could also match your skin's needs — dewy finishes are better for normal to dry skin, while a matte finish suits those with oily or combination skin.

Find Your Perfect Foundation at Novela Today

At Novela, we've got a wide range of foundations and beauty products from recognised brands, curated specially for you. Browse our catalogue of makeup in our online shop and cart out to enjoy free delivery in Singapore for orders above $100! Looking for recommendations on which foundation to buy, or need help for your online shopping? You can always reach out to us for assistance at any time.  

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